SW Ep. 30 “Sticks and Stones”

DONWLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 30 “Sticks and Stones”

This week I tell you a story of two little children who seem to have some trouble. They always get into some trouble. It’s up to a young man to try to solve the problems with the help of a neighbor. Does he help, or hinder? Enjoy!




80-89 Ep. 4 “September 15th, 1980″

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 4 “September 15th, 1980″

This week I am a little late, but I got it done. Hopefully October will be on time. I discuss all the new and entertainment from the month of September 1980. Enjoy!



Neon Vice “Zerbitron” Album Review


Thank you so much to Mr. Paul Daly of “Neon Vice” for giving my “Zerbitron – Summer Memories” album an amazing review! I am floored by his kindness and appreciation for the music. Please take a look at some of his other reviews (and be sure to read mine) from the link below!


Throwback Reviews: Meatballs 1979

I am honored to be a full time podcaster on the Throwback Reviews Podcast! My first show, I started off a bit nervous (mostly because I didn’t want to mess this up) but I made it through… and they want me back too! I had a blast recording, and I look forward to more. Enjoy “Meatballs (1979)” from Throwback Reviews Podcast!

DOWNLOAD: TBR – Meatballs (1979)



GRWS Ep. 9 “By the Way”


DOWNLOAD: GRWS Ep. 9 “By the Way”


We moved! YEAY!! Enjoy our stories and news from all of our adventures!