PSB Ep. 22 “Mouth Exercises”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 22 “Mouth Exercises”

Ferg and I welcome you to Ep. 22 of PSB! We chat up some goodies, like McDonalds, DeLorians, and Diverticulitis! We also start a new segment titled: “Listener Email”! Thanks for all the downloads! Enjoy!

Opening Song: “Main Stem” U.S. Army Blues Band

And thanks to Mr. Sal LaSalle!!

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80-89 Ep. 15 “REBOOT SPECIAL Jan 1982”

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DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 15 “REBOOT SPECIAL Jan 1982”

After much help from my friends and your VERY kind letters, I have rebooted the “80 to 89” journals. A big huge thanks goes to my co-hosts for tonight’s journal:

Mr. Christopher Tupa ( )
Mr. Doug McCoy ( )
Mr. Ferg Ferguson ( )
Mr. Mr. Matt Lappie ( )
Mr. Mark David Little (

Thanks for all your support and kindness in helping me reboot a much needed journal. Enjoy!!

PSB Ep. 21 “A Very Belated New Years Special”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 21 “A Very Belated New Years Special”

Join us as we celebrate New Years late with our buddy and special guest, Mr. Phil Amico! In this episode we discuss the Powerball, Star Wars, Sal LaSalle, celebrity passing’s, the Walken Bros., And even Morgan Freeman comes by for a visit! Enjoy!

This show is dedicated to Mr. Kevin McLaughlin for all of his kindness and generosity!

And thanks to Mr. Sal LaSalle!!

ZHN Ep. 8 “Dead Silence”

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DOWNLOAD: ZHN Ep. 8 “Dead Silence”

This is another James Wan film from 2007. Mike G. and I discuss how we love and hate this film. Being a James Wan film, you do get the good creepiness, but listen to the cons of the film by download below. Enjoy!

Zerbinator’s Holiday Sampler (2015)

This is a collection of my personal favorites I’ve recorded myself over the years. You will see the years and covers to the albums in the main cover to this one. I’ve also included an original tune titled “Frist Peek”. The other Christmas songs are covers of some great tunes, and I hope you enjoy my arrangements. Merry Christmas! (