SW Ep. 3 “The Walker”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 3 “The Walker”

A story about an old childhood friend, or foe,
or just someone who knew you for a long, long time.


4 thoughts on “SW Ep. 3 “The Walker”

  1. It’s 2:38 here in Greece and I’m listening to this in the dark with my headphones on.The moment that the man replied “no” my wife rushes to the room and I’m having a small heart attack. Damn man that was so “adrenaline pumped to the top of my head” kind of sensation.Nice, very nice…..


    • Now that’s what makes me want to tell the stories. I love that feeling. It’s nice to have a little rush of adrenaline once in a blue. Thanks for listening, and for commenting George!


    • It was April of 2009 when he passed. I tried to get a hold of you. I will get in touch with you and give you the details. Thanks for listening too! I’m sorry you had to find out dad passed like this. Gosh, I hope I didn’t surprise anyone else!


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