PSB Ep. 20 “Merry Christmas Special”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 20 “Merry Christmas Special”

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Please Stand By! We discuss abusive Christmas Music with Ben Carson, our “Christmas Vacation” DVD give away with Morgan Freeman, all sorts of Christmas music, Christmas Ornaments, Roku, movies, and much, much more!

Music by: David Fesliyan – “Goodbye, My Friend” (During the Freeman segment)


2 thoughts on “PSB Ep. 20 “Merry Christmas Special”

  1. Ferg, Zerb! IseeRobots here. I’m going through all the back episodes in like reverse order and when listening to this one I was BLOWN TO BITS! to here Ferg say that he likes The Ultramagnetic MC’s.. Dude, they are my Favorite Rap Group, behind PE, or ALL THE TIMES! Crazy. I can say I never expected the words Ultramagnetic MCs to come out of Ferg’s lips.. Great minds think alike. Great episode guys!

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