PSB Ep. 60 “Eligibility”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 60 “Eligibility”

Tonight, LeFerg and LeZerb discuss everything and nothing at all concerning music, games, and show & tell. We get a great call from Sal LaSalle, and they all speak of exciting things and promise to make you laugh, and or cry. Enjoy!!


JZ Ep. 2 “Jerry’s Toys”

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Tonight, Jerry and I discuss Jerry’s Toys. From lil mice, to big crinkle toys, Jerry shows you how much he loves his favorite things. Enjoy!
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PP Ep. 15 “Farewell PP”

pp 1400 with Letters DONE
DOWNLOAD: PP Ep. 15 “Farewell PP”

In this last episode of PP with Isee Robots, we discuss the health, children’s magazines, music, and why the PP is so important! We also make an announcement that will blow you away! Enjoy!