OT Ep. 4 “The History of History Education”

DOWNLOAD: OT Ep. 4 “The History of History Education”
Tonight my son in law, Jim Royce, joins me in a conversation about teaching History in today’s climate, today’s morals, and in today’s knowledge of what really happened in History. Enjoy!


OT Ep. 3 “Fear of Failure – Success”

DOWNLOAD: OT Ep. 3 “Fear of Failure – Success

Tonight, Mr. Sean Johnson joins me for this episode on the fear of failure, and the fear of success. This is something we all struggle with from time to time when it comes to decision making, or achieving goals. Enjoy!

PP Classic Ep. 3 “Guess What!?!?”

DOWNLOAD: PP Classic Ep. 3 “Guess What!?!?”

This is a collection of the original “Pretentious Podcast” featuring Joe Borowski and me the ~Z~ from back in 2011. Please enjoy the original start to one of my favorite pods I’ve recorded over the years.