PAP Ep. 9 “Ash Wednesday”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 9 “Ash Wednesday”

Listen as Pastor Doug and I discuss his experience with the Catholic Church, and my experience missing Ash Wednesday service.

PAP Ep. 8 “Reincarnation”


DOWNLOADPAP Ep. 8 “Reincarnation”

This week, Doug and I discuss “Reincarnation” and how it applies to our belief’s and existence here in God’s world. Enjoy!

PAP Ep. 6 “It’s Been Awhile”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 6 “It’s Been Awhile”

Doug and I are back after an extended break to discuss atheist billboards and depression (not that that two are related, of course!).  Listen, click and download, or subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher.


PAP Ep. 5 “Thanksgiving”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 5 “Thanksgiving”

This is an episode that has been sitting in limbo in my puter since Thanksgiving 2016. Thanks for your patience everyone. Doug and I hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving edition of “Pastor and the Pappy”!

PAP Ep. 4 “Church”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 4 “Church”

Doug and I discuss the importance of going to church on time. Like Bowie said, “Terrifies me, makes me party, puts my trust in God and man.” Enjoy!

Music: Oh Come Emmanuel – Zerbinator