Choose a show:

The Shows:

Holiday Cheer (HC)
is a podcast showcasing the history of holidays.
My Movie Collection (MMC)
is a podcast about movies I’ve acquired over the years.
ZerbinTUNES (ZT)
is a podcast about musicians and music nostalgia.
Spider Webs (SW)
is a podcast about original spooky stories I’ve written.
Lookit! (L!)
is a retro podcast about the days of then (70’s and 80’s).
Getting Ready w/ Shell (GRWS)
is a chance to irritate my wife in audio format.
80 to 89 (80-89)
is a monthly cassette recorded journal of 1980 to 1989.
History and Beer (HAB)
is a history podcast along with a pint of beer.
Throwback Reviews (TBR)
is a 70’s and 80’s movie review show.
Please Stand By (PSB)
is a comedy show about nothing and everything.
Rusted Metal (RM)
is where I got some Flack for talking 80’s metal.
Beer Glass Cast (BGC)
is a show about my glass collection and the companies they come from.
Dumb Things (DT)
is a show about the dumb things I did when I was a kid.
is a show about horrifying OTR’s with your host, Scully Jones.
Zerbinator’s Horror Nights (ZHN)
is a show about horror movie discussions with Zerb and Mike G.
No ComproMiSe (NC)
is a show about dealing and living with Multiple Sclerosis.
Open Minded Skeptic (TOMS)
is a show about being open minded with life’s mysteries.
Pretentious Podcast (PP)
is a show about complaining pretentiously about pop culture.
Pastor and the Pappy (PAP)
is a show about two guys (Zerb and Doug) talking God.
My Generation (MG)
is a show about the generational gap.
is a fake radio station playing my music.
TheaterCast (TC)
is a podcast reviewing films with Louis.
OverThinking (OT)
is a show about subjects I find interesting.


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