Zerbinator’s Retrovarian Ep. 1 “Prince”

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DOWNLOAD: Zerbinator’s Retrovarian Ep. 1 “Prince”

Welcome to the debut episode of “Zerbinator’s Retrovarian”! Tonight my guest George Papatheodorou and I discuss the history and life of Prince Rogers Nelson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_(musician).

We also discuss his music and his legacy. George and I do an 80’s music video commentary of “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar, and we talk about George’s own music found here: https://romantiquemusic.bandcamp.com

Watch the “Love is a Battlefield” vid with us here:

All theme and segment music written, performed, and provided by Jon Beckett. 
Find his music here: https://soundcloud.com/projectbeckett

80 to 89 Ep. 19 “May 31, 1982”

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 19 “May 31, 1982”

Welcome to the May 1982 edition of “80 to 89 Podcast”! This month I have the pleasure of having Mr. Doug McCoy as my cohost! We discuss all the news, music, and technology of life here in the 80’s! Enjoy!

80 to 89 Ep. 18 “April 30th 1982”

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DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 18 “April 30th 1982”

Welcome to “80 to 89” for April 30th, 1982! Mark (www.tubetunes.net) and I discuss all the latest happenings and goings ons in the cozy month of April. I am honored to have Mark as my cohost this evening! Enjoy!

80-89 Ep. 17 “March 31, 1982”

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 March 31, 1982″

Today, Mr. John Powers called in to help me run down the news, entertainment, and technology of life here in March of 1982! THANK YOU JOHN!! Be sure to listen to his angelic voice as he helps me sing the latest hits for the week of March 31st 1982! Enjoy!


80-89 Ep. 16 “Feb 20th, 1982”

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DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 16 “February 20th, 1982”

Welcome to 80-89 for February 1982! This month, my good buddy Marc Allie joins me for an amazing look at the history of life here in the 80’s. Much thanks to my cohost, and enjoy the show!