PSB Ep. 6 “Grow Up!”

DOWNLOAD: Please Stand By Ep. 6 “GROW UP!”

This week Sean speaks of our fun he had in our first major snow, and then I spoke of my wife’s birthday gift. We threw in some expletives… well Sean threw in the expletives. And again our humor is childish and filthy. Seemed appropriate to title this episode: GROW UP!!

Music Courtesy of George P. – Din Radio

The FlipCam video we spoke of. Please forgive my shaky hands. Don’t get dizzy.

PSB Ep. 5 “Language”

DOWNLOAD: Please Stand By Ep. 5 “Language”

My good buddy Sean and I discuss quite a bit of spiciness as we talk of Scarlett Johansson, Storm Troopers, Sean’s language, and Bill Cosby. Plus my mom comes to visit!! Enjoy!