OT Ep. 2 “Multiple Sclerosis”

DOWNLOAD: OT Ep. 2 “Multiple Sclerosis”

In this episode, I discuss my history of MS and how I went through life understanding and learning about my disease. I have the pleasure of having my beautiful and very sweet wife, Shelly, to tell her perspective. Enjoy!

OT Ep. 1 “OverThinking (Introduction)”

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DOWNLOAD: OT Ep. 1 “OverThinking (Introduction)”

This is an introductory episode of my new podcast titled “OverThinking”. This show will cover subjects that concern me, and I wish to learn from. Guest hosts will follow for each episode depending on subject matter. I hope you learn and enjoy!

HAB Ep. 2 “George Washington”

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DOWNLOAD: History and Beer with Jim and Zerb Ep. 2 “George Washington”

Our 2nd episode of “History and Beer with Jim and Zerb” where we discuss the life and history of George Washington. We drink Berkshire Brewing Company’s “Drayman’s Porter” to respect the taste of our first president. Enjoy!

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HAB Ep. 1 “Beer”

DOWNLOAD: History and Beer with Jim and Zerb Ep. 1 “Beer”

Welcome to the first “History and Beer with Jim and Zerb”! In this episode we discuss the history of beer, and we cover who and why and how we do this show. Todays beer is a Traditional Pale Ale Growler from “Berkshire Brewing Company” out of South Deerfield, MA. Enjoy!