SW Ep. 31 “All Hallows Eve”

DOWNLOAD: SW Ep. 31 “All Hallows Eve”

This is the “2nd Annual Spider Webs Halloween Special” for 2014. I am so excited for candy, costumes, witches, and ghouls that I can’t even breath! I am passing out as I type! I ghy so excted tand whcfoiurb soihrbd,jsbn,.,,.m,……h….?


SW Ep. 30 “Sticks and Stones”

DONWLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 30 “Sticks and Stones”

This week I tell you a story of two little children who seem to have some trouble. They always get into some trouble. It’s up to a young man to try to solve the problems with the help of a neighbor. Does he help, or hinder? Enjoy!




SW Ep. 28 “The Haunted Tunnel”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 28 “The Haunted Tunnel”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Tonight’s story is wrapped in a nice Halloweeny nougat coating. Enjoy!

SW Ep. 27 “Lost and Found”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 27 “Lost and Found”

It was late into the night when my car broke down. Somewhere deep in the hill’s of northern Maryland is where tonight’s story takes place. A creepy tale of judgment and decision. Enjoy!

SW Ep. 26 “Wooden”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 26 “Wooden”

Tonight’s story is about this beautiful time, and what happens in a certain town at a certain location every year. Thanks to John and Meghan for letting me visit this place. It will always be an important place to be this time of year. Enjoy!