SW Ep. 25 “It’s Either You or Me”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 25 “It’s Either You or Me”

Do you like spiders? I don’t. I get a bit oogly when it comes to spiders… as you will see in this spooky story titled: “It’s Either You or Me”

Please take some time to visit a good friend’s site and podcast titled: “Halloween Haunt” hosted by the Halloween Haunter. Visit him at: halloweenhaunt.wordpress.com


SW Ep. 24 “The Center Window”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 24 “The Center Window”

Tonight, I share another Halloween story written for the “Retroist Halloween Special III Ep. 97” ( http://www.retroist.com ). I will again resume the shows in September once I rebuild the studio. I am packing this one up at the moment and moving it far, far away.

SW Ep. 22 “The Realization”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 22 “The Realization”

Your sitting, or driving, or walking listening to me speak right now, but have you ever given a thought to what you really might be doing at this very moment? What is truly happening to you WHILE you’re listening… here.. have a listen… to tonight’s story titled: “The Realization”

SW Ep. 21 “The Mechanic”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 21 “The Mechanic”

Tonight’s story is about pure greed. How much is enough, and when does someone go too far? Henry is a rich man, both in heart and pocket. But having deep pockets can make your time seem so short.