PAP Ep. 9 “Ash Wednesday”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 9 “Ash Wednesday”

Listen as Pastor Doug and I discuss his experience with the Catholic Church, and my experience missing Ash Wednesday service.

PAP Ep. 8 “Reincarnation”


DOWNLOADPAP Ep. 8 “Reincarnation”

This week, Doug and I discuss “Reincarnation” and how it applies to our belief’s and existence here in God’s world. Enjoy!

PAP Ep. 5 “Thanksgiving”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 5 “Thanksgiving”

This is an episode that has been sitting in limbo in my puter since Thanksgiving 2016. Thanks for your patience everyone. Doug and I hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving edition of “Pastor and the Pappy”!

PAP Ep. 4 “Church”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 4 “Church”

Doug and I discuss the importance of going to church on time. Like Bowie said, “Terrifies me, makes me party, puts my trust in God and man.” Enjoy!

Music: Oh Come Emmanuel – Zerbinator

PAP Ep. 3 “Halloween”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 3 “Halloween”

This week, Doug and I discuss the subject of Halloween and how it pertains to our faith, along with  some history about the holiday. Enjoy!