SW Ep. 6 “Puter Chips”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 6 “Puter Chips” 

This week I speak of the days of then. Retro computers were the thing back in the day. You’ve got to respect them. They were the grandparents to all of our tablets and cellphones. Treat them right, or they’ll treat you. Tonights ending tune by PeacHy Moonshine!

ZT Ep. 4 “Retro Games for PeacHy”

DOWNLOAD: ZerbinTUNES Ep. 4 “Retro Games for PeacHy”

This week, I bring 8-bit music to your ears with the best of the best. I have the great pleasure of interviewing 8-bit musician and composer, Mr. PeacHy Moonshine. I go down my list of 8-bit music from the NES, and I also have the great pleasure of having “The Retroist” go down his list of his favorite 8-bit music from retro video games. All this and a very entertaining “Sound Story” to boot!

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