PP Ep. 1 “Get 2 No U”

pp 1400 with Letters DONE

DOWNLOADPP Ep. 1 “Get 2 No U”

My good buddy Phil helps me reboot an old podcast I did back in 2012, by being my cohost! We start this show again by discussing our political thoughts, our feelings of the good old days of radio broadcasting, and we have a “celebrity” interview involving chicken. Enjoy!!

PSB Ep. 1 “Debating Podcasting”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 1 “Debating Podcasting”

Kev ‘n Joe are back in the studio for another attempt at podcasting together. We discuss literally nothing and everything all at once. Yes, the two great mumblers bring you their views on things that we should discuss for reasons surrounding a day off and Joe’s beer. Enjoy!