80-89 Ep. 10 “March 20th, 1981”

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 10 “March 20th, 1981”

This week I was honored to have podcaster and artist, Christopher Tupa join me using two cassette players and a telephone! We had a blast discussing movies, music, technology, and news from March 1981. Also my good buddy Doug McCoy joins via telephone to cover the Video Game of the Month, “Dodge ‘Em. Enjoy!

Visit Doug McCoy: www.mccoycast.wordpress.com
Visit Christopher Tupa: www.ctupa.com

80 to 89 Ep. 9 “February 20th, 1981”

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 9 “February 20th, 1981”

My girlfriend Shelly stops by to help me out this month for the 80-89 journal. I get to try out my new gun, she gets to take some risk, and we both go down our top 10’s and 5’s. Enjoy!